Monday, March 09, 2009

In the Dark

So yesterday, my pastor, whom almost all of you who read this blog know, talked about being in the dark. In other words, being in pain and suffering, that sometimes we can't see God. This is a subject that has always intrigued me and fascinated me. Our God is so big and powerful, but yet he allows suffering in the world. Why? Well, it's something I've studied and there's not really an easy answer, but here's my answer. God gave us free will and by giving us free will he let us choose right or wrong. He loves us so much and has so much respect for us that He will let us choose not to follow Him because by giving us a choice He also allows us to choose to truly love Him and by having that choice, we are loving God by our own volition and are not puppets on a string. But God took it one step further when He placed His Son on a cross. When Jesus died, he entered into our suffering. Imagine all the pain and hurt in the world being slowly swallowed and digested, that's what Christ did for us. He bore all the sins of the world when he hung on that tree and bled so that we might one day be reconciled with the Father. Wow.

I had the opportunity to lead my Community Group today on the subject and presented this to them. I think they took the truth to their hearts. It was great to be able to share God's truth to the people I care about.

So what about you? Do you wonder where God is when you're in the dark? My answer for you is to focus your eyes on the cross. It is there that God's love broke through our suffering.

I love you guys.


  1. nice post. led a kids small group on Sunday and they had some fascinating answers...think i will blog about it today...thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Good thoughts David. The hard thing is when suffering happens and it has nothing to do with free will. For example a miscarriage, a child dying, a person being born blind or deaf. Those are the times Knowing that God can relate to suffering helps but it doesn't answer the question why. Why is the question that Job asks God and God says to Job that he wouldn't understand even if God told him. Instead God offers a relationship to Job. That is the same thing He offers to us. He is there with us when we suffer. Those are my thoughts. Good post.