Friday, December 09, 2011

Rachel's first Switchfoot Concert.

On Saturday, I went to see my favorite active band, Switchfoot, in concert. I was excited for this concert for the following reasons:

1. This was the first show I would be going to after the release of their new album, Vice Verses, which I believe to be their best one yet.
2. This was my first sold out Switchfoot concert.
3. This was the first time my fiancee, Rachel, experienced the awesomeness that is Switchfoot.

The concert was in Charlottesville at the Jefferson Theater. This is definitely worth mentioning as is not only Charlottesville a beautiful town, but the theater was beautiful as well. It had a large area for people to stand and rock out on the bottom level and 2 levels of balconies. It looked like an old movie theater that ripped out the theater seats.

Opening things up was Honor by August. Usually I'm not really impressed by the opening act, but Honor by August, while not being phenomenal, was very good for an opening band. I got to talk with some of the members after the show and they were very down to earth.

Now, on to the main act. Switchfoot put on an amazing show. They opened things up with "The Original", a very fun and upbeat song from the new album that definitely set the right tone for what was coming. Here's the full setlist, that included 9 songs from the new album

The Original
The War Inside
We Are One Tonight
This is Your Life
Been Caught(cover song)
Mess of Me
Dare You to Move
Vice Verses (first time live in the States)
Dark Horses
Meant to Live

After that, the crowd roared and asked for one more song. They gave us not 1, not 2, but 3.

They played Hello Hurricane, and then the perfect encore song, "Where I Belong", followed by "The Sound."

But the crowd hadn't had enough and Switchfoot came out for a second encore, performing "Needle and Haystack Life."

It was an amazing experience, not one I will soon forget.