Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Community

So, once a year I embark on a new journey. I have the privilege of investing and sharing life with 10-12 people in what my church calls a Community Group. A Community Group is nothing more than a place where people gather together weekly to invest in the lives of one another and to experience spiritual growth. Last night was my first week with a new group. I cannot go into the details of that night because that's one of the rules: what happens in Community Group stays in Community Group. But I will say this: after going through 6 years worth of groups, something different happens every year and because I'm with different people each year, I experience new people and God in a whole new way. After last night, I'm really looking forward to what God has in store and what I will learn from my fellow group members.


  1. being in a community group changed my life...i would never be without.

  2. You have a great way of looking at things. I'm glad you like your new group!