Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Beauty of Your Heart

Every man is entitled to write one cheesy love song in his life. This is mine.

The Beauty of Your Heart

I could hold you close and never let you go.
I could stare into your eyes like I'm watching a TV show.
I would travel across the ocean and talk for a while
Just to see you smile.

But what keeps you on my mind
Is what I see on the inside.

You're beyond anything that I could ever dream
You're more beautiful than anything I've seen
But your beauty is not defined
By what I see on the outside.
The reason why I loved you from the start
Is the beauty of your heart.
--End of Song

Now it still needs a little work, but that's what I got so far. Oh and one more thing. As promised, the blog question.

Do you know who Dietrich Bonhoeffer is? If not, look him up.