Saturday, March 14, 2009

A little creeped out, but I'm ok

So, something really bizarre and scary happened yesterday. I came home from work with my dad and we rounded the corner to find cop cars surrounding a house literally around the corner from where I live. It's behind the house that's across the street from us. I came to find out later that someone was murdered. Yeah. I and my neighbors are fine and the police are doing everything they can to sort this out. It will probably take a while until the police leave, but it's scary to think that something that horrible happened so close. I read murder mysteries growing up, never thinking that one would be in my own backyard! Please pray for the family members of the victim and the surrounding neighbors peace. Something like this can really take a toll. It's weird that I'm typing this right after my previous blog entry. Anyway, I'll see you guys later. Take care.

In Christ,


  1. mmmm....thanks for can be scary when so close to home. stay safe,

  2. wow... yeah i can imagine that would make things alot more real, when its that close by...

  3. It makes you think about how short life is and how urgent our need to share Christ with others is. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. ("what sarah said" makes me think about what it will be like when I have to be that nurse with the bad news. good song.)