Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Festival

This weekend I went to a film festival in Norfolk. On Friday night, I saw a series of short films, and short short films. I watched about, say 10 short films. The best of the ones I saw were the following:

Hot Dog
Gone Fishing
About Face

Hot Dog was an animated short about a fire dog by a man named Bill Plympton. It was hilarious.

Buckets was my favorite, about a day in the life of a guy who plays buckets as drums for a living and the struggles he deals with and how music defines him.

Gone Fishing was my second favorite, but ended up taking home the best short prize. You can find more about it at

The following day, Saturday, I saw the winners of the festival, which were the following

Best Short Short: Hot Dog
Best Short: Gone Fishing
Best Documentary and Best Environmental Film: The Last Days of Shishmaref (really, really good)
Best Feature: Under the Snow (Spanish film about factory workers and subsidizing)
Grand Jury Prize: Pinhas (a film about Jewish life and the conflict of one child in deciding his beliefs. Great child acting.)

All the films I saw that day, as one would expect were good that day. My favorite that they showed that day was probably the Last Days of Shishmaref. It is a very touching and heart-wrenching story about how nature is destroying a small village on the coast of Alaska.

But Buckets ended up being the one that stuck with me the most.

So, next year, I plan to go again. Maybe some of you would like to come too! Later dudes!

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