Saturday, February 09, 2008


This song is dedicated to all the single women out there on Valentine's Day. It comes from the point of view of a single woman's future husband and the chorus is when he marries her. I hope you enjoy it. It's called "Awake"

You're feeling alone
But I'm waiting for you
You're all alone
But I've been searching for you

You're asking "Is there anybody out there?"
I'm wondering "Will you wait for me?"
You're asking "Does anybody out there care?"
But you mean this whole world to me.

And I lose my breath when I see those eyes
And my knees get weak when I see you smile
One day you'll wake up to realize
You've dreamed a dream for the last time.

I've been waiting my whole lifetime for this moment
But these words can't describe how you make me feel
Awake from your sleep with eyes wide open
The dream that you dreamed now is real.

Verse 2:
You won't be alone
I'm waiting for you
You won't be alone
I've been longing for you

You're asking "When's it gonna happen?"
One day you'll be by my side.
You're asking "Am I really pretty?"
I say "It's what I see inside."




Awake from your sleep
I'm coming to you
Awake from your sleep
The dream that you dreamed has come true