Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, the Super Bowl is over, the chips have been consumed, the pretzels devoured, the soda drank to its last drop, and more importantly, a new NFL king has been crowned. I have to say the game was one of the best I've seen on TV. Last year's was better only because I saw New England get what was coming to them. This year, both teams gave a great effort and I was glad that it was a fight to the finish. Congratulations, Steelers. I was rooting for Arizona and I thought they were going to pull it off, but in the end, we lost. But I'm not a sore loser. It was a great game period.

This year's halftime show was given by Bruce Springsteen. Did he sound bad to anyone else besides me? I mean, sure, you got a great band Bruce, but c'mon, who are you trying to fool? I will say the choir was great and the special effects, but frankly, Springsteen is for an older generation. Also, the faith hill super bowl song was absolutely horrible in terms of its lyrics. I did enjoy her singing "America the Beautiful" and the singing of the national anthem was excellent by Jennifer Hudson. I just wish they would get someone with generally universal appeal for the halftime show. I think the last time I really enjoyed a halftime show was when the Rolling Stones played. But I think my favorite was when U2 played. That was sweet.

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial? Mine was definitely the "It's probably time." commercial by Career Builder. Just because it made me thankful for the job I have, and it was hilarious. That said I think some were completely stupid as well like MacGruber. What do you think?


  1. It's funny how tastes differ. I thought the MacGruber commercial was fine, and the Career Builder ad was repetitive and obnoxious. Interesting.

    P.S. Go Steelers!

  2. lol i loved both of those commercials.... i guess you have to enjoy SNL and have seen those MacGruber skits to really enjoy it, though... seeing as how they got the real MacGuyver to guest star in it

  3. I was kind of bummed about the commericals. The only one I can actually remember is the Cheetos commercial where Chester got the bird to attack lady rude. Also...your public needs more blogging from you sir.

  4. ...also the one second commercial from High Life. Thought that was great. Didn't make me want to buy it. But thought it was great.