Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night: slum takes the gold

Last night Slumdog Millionare took home 8 Oscars. As I predicted, it took home the Best Picture award as well as Best Director. Having seen the film, I will say that it was well deserved. Another win that was much expected was Heath Ledger's posthumous award for Best Supporting Actor. Was there really any question? He pretty much nailed the Joker spot on. It was a bittersweet moment when his sister and parents took the award on behalf of Ledger's 3 year old daughter whom upon her 18th birthday will receive the award.

The most unexpected event of the night was when Sean Penn took home Best Actor. I was fully expecting Mickey Rourke to win considering all the hype surrounding it and the fact that he took home the Golden Globe. However, considering the liberal machine known as the Academy, I guess it wasn't too surprising. When Penn got up for his speech, he of course used it to promote his agenda and get half of America to not like him just that much more, myself included.

The format was also interesting, getting former winners to address each of the nominees. I thought this was a very personal touch that helped improve the presentation this year.

I look forward to what this year has in store. I already got my ticket for Watchmen. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Well, that's all for now. I'll check ya later.


  1. Ledger rocked and wass glad he won, posthumously. Liked the personal touch as well. I totally hope Watchmen lives up to the hype. If not it will be a major disappointment! Superhero movies are moving in a positive direction, not time to slip back to Arnold "Mr. Freeze" era. agghh!

  2. Enjoyed the Switchfoot song on here as well.