Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I may get a lot of hate mail... but so be it

So today's big news in the entertainment biz is obviously the return of American Idol.

Tonight at 8PM begins another season of glitz, glamour, and crazy teenage fans who vote based mostly on who's better looking.

Paula, Randy, and Simon will return to decide the fate of the entrants. Who will make it? You find out tonight.

And I will be doing something else because frankly, I don't like the show. To me it's glorifying the entertainment industry and showing that people care more about the next Idol than more important things going on around the world. Also, it always disappoints me when I find out that a legitimately talented artist loses to a pretty boy. And Ryan Seacrest, I'm sorry, but he's just not funny.

But the biggest issue I have with Idol is that for the most part, the artists they create don't make great music. It's good, sure, but not enough to make me want to buy the CD. The CDs sell because of the TV show more than the artist themselves. Either that, or America's taste in music has suffered over the years.

I'm not a big fan of reality TV in general but there are 2 shows that I do like in the reality TV vein that I would recommend:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Biggest Loser

These 2 shows I don't watch regularly, but they do something that others don't: they show real people who are dealing with real issues and the show helps them solve their problems.

Please don't hate me,

David Ferrell


  1. Not a big Idol fan myself. I will admit that David Cook impressed me last year, but the few snippets of his CD I have heard, not so much.

  2. yeah, not the biggest fan (beyond the first few episodes highlighting the weirdos & misfits).... but I'll give it the minimal proper respect for producing Kelly Clarkson... cuz hey, its Kelly Clarkson. Boo yah?

    Now i'll turn the tv back off until something good comes on (the Office, Chuck, 24, Heroes, etc etc)

  3. Well i don't really have time to watch tv, but when i do i watch educational stuff like....House. Idol is def at the bottom. The only thing I remember is Sanjaya's hair, not a good impression.