Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

Yesterday I got to spend some time with one of my good friends from ODU, my old stomping ground. We had a delicious dinner together and started talking about various things going on in each of our lives, but it wasn't long before we started delving into how our lives were going spiritually.

What was interesting is we were talking about how we are both attracted to people who are distant from the crowd. We both think that it's important to include people who might be different. After all, Jesus did the same thing.

Just look at Jesus' disciples. A ragtag bunch of men who were not the brightest, not the coolest, and certainly not the most wanted, especially in the case of Matthew, a tax collector hated by the Jews. But these men became the forefathers of my faith and ushered into the world the story of Jesus Christ. Goes to show you how the love that Christ has to offer affects someone. And that's what this blog entry is all about. I want to challenge everyone, myself included, to look out for those people who are alone at the lunch table, standing in the hallway, staring blankly, looking for a friend. Let's step out of our comfort zone and our cliques and reach out to someone. We may be the only Jesus he or she sees.



  1. great post dude. thats an awesome challenege and definitely something every one of us should work on for this year and beyond

  2. I agree, if God has lavished so much love on us it should pour over into caring for others; especially those who are in need.