Sunday, June 07, 2009

Opening Weekend at Waters Edge

So, yesterday I commented that I was going to the Waters Edge grand opening. Yesterday night and this morning I experienced it and it was amazing. First off, I went to the grand opening picnic last night. It was great fun. I sat with my good friends Scott and his wife Jessie. We had amazing food (barbecue, slaw, baked beans) , giveaways of "Limited Edition Waters Edge Beverage Containers" (how many of those things did they make?), moon jumping for the kids (those really big inflatable things), and a great ribbon cutting ceremony complete with fireworks and a ticker tape dispensing helicopter. Wow!

But that was just the beginning. This morning we had an amazing opening service. For the first time in Waters Edge history we had an acrobat on stage performing her talents on a cloth slightly longer than the length between the stage and the ceiling. Man, that takes skill to be able to balance yourself so well.

Also, the band did a great job. Props to my peeps in the band, Phil, Mike, Jon, Keren, Larry, and the bass guitarist who's still awesome but I don't know his name. They started off with a performance of Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve while a video was playing chronicling our history with footage I haven't seen in a very long time to more recent stuff. The band also played that song while the acrobat was performing. After the performance, Phil entered the scene with Rob Shepherd doing "Get this Party Started", a song by one of my favorite Christian artists, if not my absolute favorite, TobyMac, who, by the way, will be playing at Busch Gardens June 28th.

After that, Stu came up and gave a little introduction with his family and thanked some people who were integral in getting our building built. We then sang two worship songs, including my favorite, "From the Inside Out" by Joel Huston from Hillsong. Then Stu gave a sermon on enduring hardship to find God's reward. All in all an amazing service. I can't to see what else God has in store for Waters Edge. It's gonna be great!


  1. nice. and its only the beginning...

  2. Nate. Nate is the bass players name. I'm glad you were there David. It was a great weekend.