Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Today I celebrate along with you the most important male in my life apart from Christ. I celebrate my father. My dad is pretty sweet. For those of you who have met my dad, you would probably agree. What's really weird, though, is how similar we both are. We walk similar, we have similar handwriting, although he won't admit it, we have the same sense of humor, but most importantly, my Dad and I both love Jesus. But that's something that he instilled in me, not something that came by heredity. Basically from birth, he and my mom made sure that I was in church on every Sunday except for vacations and also got me to learn Bible verses through various means including scripture songs, reading the Bible to me, and videos. In fact, my first experience with Anime was a Bible cartoon series called Superbook, which I still think is pretty sweet.

More than all of that though, my dad lives his faith. He feeds the homeless, he helps out around the house, he meets with friends to pray for the local area, he volunteers at Waters Edge Church, and he loves my Mom like a husband should love his wife. Well, on most days, anyways. He also raises his hands during worship, which to me is a big deal. For a man to not worry about what other people think and to forsake pride to show appreciation for who God is, wow, that's big.

My dad and I also work and work out at the same place. I also live at home for right now, so yeah, we see a lot of each other. But as you can see, for the reasons described above, that's not a problem. I love my dad.

So, today, we celebrated him at lunch. We made some burgers and handed out gifts. I got him one of his favorite movies, Master and Commander. I think he really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, my brother, my sister, my dad, and I went over to my Grandparents' house to wish a happy Father's Day to my Grandpa and to play Sequence. It's basically a game where you try to put cards in order based on a game board layout. That was a lot of fun. I won a game. Afterwards, my siblings left cuz they had some stuff to do and I played Yahtzee with my dad and Grandma. We played a total of 4 games. I did horrible on the first 1, ok on the 2nd and 3rd, but the 4th, the 4th was hands down, the best Yahtzee game I've ever played in my entire life. I mean, you're gonna think it was rigged and I didn't. Here's the scorecard:

So, as you can see, not only did I get the bonus from the upper section, but I got every major point score in the lower section, the best possible 3 and 4 of a kind. This is a score that has made me believe that it might be divine intervention and that God may have chosen to bless me with a little thing that gives me joy like a big Yahtzee win. But he blessed me so much more by giving me my father, Steve Ferrell.

Superbook's first episode:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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