Sunday, March 25, 2007

Funny times at Burger King

Ok, so the funniest thing happened last Thursday night at Burger King. My best friend, Josh, along with Lindsey, Chelsea, Brandy, Larry, and the 2 Tylers were eating. We were just about to leave for worship night when Tyler Yowell says, "Where are my keys?". So we all begin looking around the restaurant. After 5 minutes or so, I say, "Tyler, are they in your car?" We walk outside to the parking lot and discover something that made us laugh so hard for the next 5 minutes. Tyler had not only locked his keys in his car but also left them in the ignition with the car running. So for the next 20 minutes or so we're devising ways to break into Tyler's car before the gas runs out. Brandy was credited with opening the car door with a stick attached to something else. Anyways, we did manage to get back to worship night just in time for the presentation. So all in all, we had a good time despite Tyler's fiasco.

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