Wednesday, August 05, 2009

MUTEMATH Listening Party

For those of you who don't know, I am a pretty big fan of a little band called MuteMath. My love of them started when my friend D Reeves mentioned them. It sounded like he had good taste in music so I went with it and I went and bought their self-titled album. I thought it was really good and enjoyed listening to the album. Then, the two of us later went to their live show. To put it lightly, my positive opinion of them greatly increased after seeing them perform. It ranks as one of the best live experiences I've ever attended. After the show I became a die-hard lover of the band. So, naturally when I heard they were coming to Norfolk again with the release of their new album "Armistice", I went out and purchased the VIP package, which came with a T-Shirt, some album artwork, a digital download of the album, and access to the exclusive listening party that I went to last night.

The listening party consisted of me and other fans of the band in a tour bus listening to the album, and making comments on a sheet of paper while we listened. Essentially, I was a music critic for one night. No, the band was not there, but that in no way took away from the experience I had. Plus, I wasn't expecting the band to show up, so it wasn't a letdown.

How was the album? Well, I thought it was an improvement over the last one. I thought most of the songs were good and about 4 or 5 were amazing songs if not more. My personal favorite was "Burden", followed closely by "Clipping" and "The Lost Year". The only song I really had a problem with was "Odds". It was too repetitive for me. The album was also one of the strongest lyrically I've heard in a while. Which means a lot to me. A song can be great musically, but unless it has an equally strong message, I probably won't like it nearly as much.

It was a fun time, I just can't wait for the album to be released and for the live show ... which brings me to my final point. If you've never heard of MuteMath, but like trying new things and hearing new stuff, check out their album "Armistice" coming out on August 18th. If you like the album, they will be performing live on November 10th, 2009 at the NorVa. If you want to choose one or the other, come to the show. The band's live show is something every concert lover should experience.

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  1. enjoyed there albumn...imagine they would be a pretty amazing live can you post on Mutemath and not have them at the top of your playlist? lol.