Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So yesterday, for those of you who weren't awake, there was a tornado warning for my neighborhood. Not only was it on the radar, but we were in the hot spot! So, my mom and I were at home and we heard the news and shut ourselves with our dogs in our little half bath, knowing that we should be in an inner room with no windows should we be hit. So we were in there about a half an hour. Rain started pelting against our windows, wind started howling, hail started falling. Luckily, the tornado didn't touchdown in our neighborhood. Needless to say, I was thanking Jesus after it passed. Have you ever been in a dangerous storm? Tell me about it!


David Ferrell


  1. Dang David.

    I lived in Kansas for three years. We were in the basement many a nights because of tornados. A few touched down near me. One morning a HUGE tree was turned upside down.

  2. wow. nothing like that. seen some craziness driving through ATL in an ice storm. cars sliding everywhere. prayed pretty hard that night myself.