Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For those of you who have known me for any extended period of time, you know that I go a little nuts when I worship. I have known some people who think that I'm being crazy and doing things that are abnormal such as raising my hands, jumping, shouting, and sometimes even dancing. I know there are people out there who wonder why and I thought I'd use this blog post to answer them.

The reality is I wasn't the first David to go crazy for the Lord. In the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant was being brought back to Jerusalem and when it arrived, there was a huge celebration and for good reason. During the time of Moses, the Ark of the Covenant housed the presence of God. Now, finally, the Ark had returned to Jerusalem after it had been taken away from Israel and of course there was a huge celebration. King David decided he would join in and started dancing and dancing like a wild man. His wife was chillin at the palace and saw David dancing and of course she didn't approve and she asked David what the deal was.

David said "I'll become even more undignified than this." and David cursed his wife, Mikal for being upset that he was dancing before the Lord and she bore no children for David.

Fast forward to 33A.D. Jesus dies on the cross, pays for the sins of the world and the veil at the temple that separated the rest of the temple from the Holy of Holies, which housed the ark, was torn in two. Three days later he rises from the dead. The presence of God was now available to all and I think that's worth celebrating. That's why I go crazy for God every Sunday at church. That's why I get excited when the band sings at Waters Edge. That's why I raise my hands, that's why I jump up and down. And I will become even more undignified than this!

I hope this will challenge you to be more free when you worship and realize that it's not for anyone else that you should be praising God, but to give glory to Him.



  1. I love to dance in worship. Actually I bang my head for the most part. Its awesome to see people "moved" by worship.

  2. Hey! Neat post. That story about David and his wife always cracked me up. "And David's wife bore no children." That's showing her! LOL! Sorry ;)

  3. Hey! You've been tagged!