Sunday, December 17, 2006

What has happened to the love? Part 2

This song is about a topic that I've been dealing with a lot in my own life. A problem area that needs to be solved if the church is to survive. When having conversations with people, this topic comes up time and time again. It is the topic of love for our fellow man. It seems easy enough to do, right? Just go up and talk to someone in need, right? Well, the church seems to have gotten away from this truth. I've heard stories of people walking into a church or ministry and feeling totally unloved. This has happened to both Christians and non-Christians that I know. It is also one of the main reasons some people refuse to go to church. Perhaps this is why Jesus commanded us to love one another. The Bible says, "Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God and everyone that loves is born of God. He that does not love, knows not God, for God is love." A strong statement coming from God. This song is about that issue. I hope and pray that everyone who sings this song will take it into their hearts to show compassion towards their fellow man, in spite of someone's race, belief, background, personality, etc. Show God's love towards others, period.

What Has Happened to the Love? (Latest version)

A stranger walked into the room.
He hadn't been there for a while.
He was looking for someone to talk to.
Someone to make him smile.

He was waiting, waiting for someone
To meet him there.
Waiting, waiting for people to show they care.

Now it's too late, he's walked out the door.
He won't be back, be back here anymore.


What has happened to the love?
I want to know what became of
the love that we had for one another.
What has happened to the love?
I want to know what became of
the love that we show to our brother?

For when I look at the world today
They seem to be failing miserably
Tell me why must we live this way?

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