Monday, August 21, 2006

My One and Only

Here's a new song I wrote today called One and Only.

Verse 1:

Before I met you,
It seemed like no one really cared.
Before I met you,
It felt like no one was there
But now I know you
I can never be lonely
I've found you
My one and only


You are my one and only
I love you because you're holy
Set apart from the rest.
Because of you I have been blessed
You are my one and only
And I know that you are for me.
Give me the strength to hold on.
My one and only.

Verse 2:

Now that I know you, I feel a joy inside
Every time I'm with you, I feel like I'm alive
You know that I love you.
You are my best friend.
We'll be together
Until the very end.


(2 Parts)

I want you to know
You are never alone
I am with you

I am with you (3x)

Repeat 2x


That's it. What's really cool about this song is it can be about God or someone you really love. I wrote it

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