Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Revolution: God's glory at ODU

Well people, it's been a while, a month and 12 days to be exact. Here's what's been going on since that time. First of all King's Fest was a blast. I enjoyed music and fellowship with some of my dearest friends. I also got to meet the Newsboys, which was a perk. For the rest of July I basically just worked and hung out with my friends when I got the chance. One of those friends, Josiah, came back from a long respite and so I hung out with him a lot. That's basically all that's happened between now and then. Oh, I almost forgot. The church that I attend has just signed a contract for 26 acres of land, which is pretty amazing. I'm really looking forward to what God's gonna do in the future. Speaking of God, He's really pushing me to evangelize on campus this semester. I'm not talking little things here. I believe he has put in my heart the desire to revolutionize the campus for Jesus Christ, which is why I plan on forming a group dedicated to this goal. I will be sharing more of this when the semester start. If you're at all interested in this and are willing to dedicate your time and energy to this goal, please contact me. Keep in mind, this is only for ODU students who are ready to get serious about reaching the lost on campus. I plan on trying to get a chance to speak on this topic at the BSU. If not there, than anywhere I can. I've ignored this calling far too long and it's time to get down to business. But I can't do it alone. If you're willing to team up with me in this cause, contact me at your earliest convenience. If you don't attend ODU, but would like to support, prayers would be greatly appreciated. Satan does not want me to do this and I know he already is preparing a force to combat this. So your prayers are not only wanted but encouraged. Speaking of prayer, I have two people in my life that need prayer. One being my good friend Aaron. Aaron has a heart condition and it requires a heart and lung transplant. However, recently, he has just been moved down the list. Please pray that Aaron would be either healed miraculously by God's power, or healed through the transplant. The other friend is Mandy. No not Mindy, but Mandy. She is a very dear friend of mine who is recovering from a trip to the hospital due to complications that arose after her tonsil surgery. She also is feeling a call from God. So pray both for her recovery and for her call from God. She's not sure what God wants to do with her, but she knows she's willing to obey. Well that's all for now. Join me next time for another episode in


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