Thursday, September 09, 2010

What Will People Think? What Will People Do? I Don't Really Care

In 2009, I dove headlong into a ministry that has since changed my perspective on God, given me a new purpose, and has also been quite a ride. I'm talking of leading my student Community Group. This past year has been a journey that I won't easily forget. I've developed spiritually and also built relationships with a group of rowdy teenagers.

Last year, the student ministry kicked off the year with an event called One. I remember that day very clearly. The worship center was packed out and at the end of the night, many students made a commitment for Christ.

Last night, we kicked off the year in the same fashion and WOW, was it powerful.

First off, I have to go on record and say this was hands down my favorite One experience thus far. It was the 3rd we've had and this one blew the other 2 out of the water. Of course, when God shows up, crazy and beautiful things happen.

The theme last night was Jesus Freak and Rob began by telling a little bit about the eponymous song. For those who don't know, Rob and I share a strong affinity for DC Talk, the band who performs the song. They're both mine and Rob's favorite band, although Switchfoot is a very, very close second for me. Jesus Freak is my all-time favorite song, so when the band came out and performed the song, I, of course, had a smile from ear to ear and screamed like a little girl when they were done. The whole band did exceedingly well performing the song. Mike gave easily one of the best and ridiculously face-melting guitar performances ever to hearken the WEC stage. Rob did a great job with Toby's part and Keren, Rob B, Larry, Randy, and Brooke all did their part to make it one of the most memorable performances ever.

We had 3 worship songs and then Rob came and gave the message. He spoke on impacting the community around us by living for Christ and becoming a "Jesus Freak", one who is so ardently enthused about Jesus that he or she doesn't care what people think or say, he or she just lives for Him.

At the end of the night we sang "The Stand" by Hillsong and Rob called the students who were willing to make a stand for Christ to come on stage. What followed was a moment that made this 26 year old cry. There before me was a crowd of teenagers lifting their hands and eyes to God singing, "I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One who gave it all. I'll stand my soul, Lord, to You surrendered. All I am is Yours."

I can't wait to hear the stories from the lives of those students. It makes me proud to be a part of what God's doing in their lives at WEC.


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