Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time with the Cooley clan.

This past Saturday I went to Richmond to see my mom's side of the family and to celebrate my uncle Matt's 40th birthday. It was a lot of fun. We had steak and chicken and green beans and mushrooms for dinner. It was delicious. Also, Baggo (also known as cornhole) is a tradition whenever we get together. I didn't have time to play a full game, though.

All 3 of my Mom's brothers were there along with all of their children, which just so happens to be all girls, which makes myself and my brother a little out-numbered. There's 5 of them and 2 of us. This would normally be fine because I've known my cousins all there life, enjoy their company and love them.

There was just one thing that really bugged me that Saturday evening.

They all ganged up on me, yes all 5 of them, and asked why I was still single. Granted, they have somewhat of a point. Yes, I am 26 and still single, but I'm quite happy with my life and enjoy what I do. I have a great job, go to a great church, get out and have fun, have friends, etc. Of course, there's no reasoning with these girls. I think it's partly cuz they want another girl in the family.

In all honesty, I still love my cousins and I know they only want the best for me. I just find it quite humorous that they think I can't be happy if I'm single, which is so far from the truth. I wanted to say to them, "Jesus was single," but I knew that wouldn't do much good.

All this to say, I am waiting for whoever God has in store for me and preparing myself to be the kind of man God wants me to be for her.

Special note to my cousins: I still love ya.


  1. Keren was single until she was almost 27. What's the hurry? I hope I'm not being insensitive (as a 22 year old married man), but if there's anyone I know that's secure in their singleness, it's definitely David Ferrell.

    You should punch your cousins in the face. And by punch I mean rest your fist gently on their cheeks so it doesn't hurt. But maybe make an angry face so they get the point :-)

  2. Thanks, Mike. And no, that's not insensitive. I just dislike the stigma, which comes from people my age as well, that I'm supposed to be with a girl at this point in my life. I'm in no hurry, especially with the failure rate in America. I'd hate to get in the wrong relationship because I'm hurrying.

    I want a woman who loves Christ more than me and that's well worth the wait.

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    You are David Ferrell, thus the reason you are single..

  4. To Anony Mous: I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or criticisim, but I appeal to the former.

  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    David - I was 27 when I married your Uncle Philip. No rush - no worries. Your cousins lovelovelove you to pieces. They meant no harm.

  6. I know my cousins love me. I just thought the situation was really funny. Which is why I wrote about it.

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