Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello Hurricane

Last Saturday I received something in the mail that I had been waiting almost 3 years for. Little did I know that it would blow my expectations out of the water. I am talking of Switchfoot's new album, Hello Hurricane. Switchfoot is my 2nd favorite band, next to DCTalk. Their last album, Oh! Gravity, was good, but I felt that the band could have done better. The songs were good, but there was something missing. I believe it was the hope that drives the heartbeat of the band.

I ordered the CD/DVD version of Hello Hurricane and immediately wanted to listen to it. I listened to a few songs and then popped in the behind the scenes DVD. The DVD revealed that this was the hardest album the band has ever worked on and for good reason: this was their first truly independent album and they wanted to make it right and something that was truly who Switchfoot was. Jon Foreman, the lead singer, said that the prerequisite for the song being on the album was that you would want to die singing it. While that may sound a bit morose, I believe that is what gave the album it's appeal.

Needless to say, I love the album and believe that it's a tremendous improvement over the last album. I like every song on the album, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Mess of Me
2. Your Love is a Song
3. Free
4. Always
5. The Sound
6. Sing it Out

There is one lyric that is worth mentioning, as I've been pondering it for a while now and it's from the song Always. It says, "Every breath is a second chance." For me this had 2 interpretations that I think are both true but one I like better than the other. The first is that every breath that we take as humans is an opportunity to turn from our wretched nature and turn back to God. The other interpretation is that every breath that we're given by God is an act of grace.

As you can see, one thought relates to the other. As we are given breath by God, it is an act of grace because we as human beings deserve eternal death as our sin separates us from God and thereby the punishment is death. But since Jesus Christ died for our sins, God gives us life and the very breath that we breathe is more than we deserve. Therefore, the gift of life that God gives us should not be used in vain, but be used towards giving Him glory. After all, we are to love one another because He first loved us. But it's an amazing thought that the very air we breathe is more than we deserve and for that gift alone He deserves glory. Yet He blesses us with so much more. How much more then should we live our lives for Him!

These are some of the many thoughts that I have after listening to Switchfoot, which is why I highly recommend the album. It is entertaining, but it also may get you thinking, which I think is a sign of good music. The album is available in stores and on iTunes.

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