Thursday, August 30, 2007

Virtual or Virtuous?

---A fury of creativity and meditation produced this poem. To God be the glory.

Images from the media spinning around in my head
Pictures and words from which I should have fled
Enticed and dragged along by the messages I'm fed
I cannot sink any further
I'm hanging by a thread.

In the world but not of it
What exactly does it mean?
In the world but not of it
I think I should come clean
I've believed the lies that I've been
fed by the screens of my machines.
Will I stay captive to its bondage
Or will I break free from this scene?

Virtual or virtuous?
What will it be?
Virtual or virtuous?
The choice seems so easy
But I've fallen in the past
To my curiosity
Virtual or Virtuous?
The choice is up to me.

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