Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunrise Came and the Lion Roared

There I was in the desert at night
I had no idea how I got there
Or how I would get back.
Lost, hopelessly lost
In a world where it was just me
And my demons.
It was odd because I always
Thought deserts were hot
But I was strangely cold.
I wandered through the desert
Searching for a path
Shivering and in fear that if
I didn't get warm soon
I would lose circulation
and die of hypothermia.
I was also tired and that didn't
help much.
I came to a fork in the road
One way was much clearer than the other
And you could see in the distance some water
The other was dry and showed no signs of life
or anything that could help me.
I took the first road and ran straight for the water.
When I got there, it was frozen.
Had it really gotten that cold?
Fortunately there was a cave nearby for shelter.
I fell asleep in that cave.
Near the middle of the night I heard a stirring
at the mouth of the cave.

I saw nothing and fell back to sleep.
I woke the next day. It was still dark and cold.
But I somehow survived the night and remembered it being
quite warm.

I heard a gentle growl coming from the inner part of the cave.
I turned around slowly, barely moving any other muscles
for fear of what I might see.
There before me was a lion.
The sun had started to rise.
At once the lion reared up and
chased me.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

The lion chased and chased me.

Suddenly I began feeling deja vu.

I had seen these plants before.

I had walked this path.

The night before.

There was the old cactus

That pricked me

There was the branch that I tripped over.

As I continued, I began seeing more and more.

The tree that fell before my eyes.

Finally we reached the fork in the road.

Then I knew where I was to go.

It all made sense now.

The lion turned around and went back

From whence he came.

Sunrise came and the Lion roared.

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