Friday, January 05, 2007

Because you love me

This is ta new song that started on the way back to the hotel from a main session at Passion 07. When I got back to the hotel, I pulled out my notebook and wrote it furiously on the paper. Verse 1 has been edited slightly and Verse 2 is brand new, but the chorus has remained intact since that glorious evening.

Because You love me,
You hold me,
You call me your own.
Because You say that I can be seated at Your throne.

I will love You forever, for all of my days.
And I will follow You always in all of Your ways.

Verse 1:

I am filled by Your presence
I am humbled by your radiance
Your grace overflows my soul
I wanna spread Your word
I wanna make it heard.
I wanna show the world what you've done to me.


I'll never be like I was before
Because I know my God is knocking at the door.
I don't wanna go back
Don't wanna relive my past
I just want to live for You


Verse 2:

You show up each morning
When I put Your Word before me
My heart begins to shout.
When I'm before You each day
And I trust and obey,
I come to learn what life is all about.


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